Strategic Management Consulting Services

GAP brings more to the table than outsourced software development. We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve built, managed, and sold companies. That’s why we think about business first, and then strategically explore how technology can be used to drive revenue and profit growth.

Our expertise in business consulting combined with our software experience, gives us our unique value proposition: strategic outsourced development. With our business driven approach, everything fits into a strategic foundation that will deliver sustainable long-term improvements for your company for years to come.

Strategic Planning and Management

Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP) can help you develop a new strategic plan, or work to accelerate the execution of an existing plan. GAP drives this planning process by helping you continually update, refine, and drive execution of your strategy. We develop tools and scorecards to help you understand your current approach and improve your profitability.

Typical GAP strategy projects include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Profitability Improvement & Financial Modeling
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Trends and Impact Assessments
  • Product Roadmap Definition
Go To Market Execution

Go-To-Market Execution

Sales execution. Marketing plans. Customer expectations. It’s a lot to manage in today’s rapidly shifting business climate. Now more than ever, the stakes are high. You’re faced with increased pressure to deliver more revenue, in less time with fewer resources. GAP is dedicated to helping you understand the trends driving business, and will help you identify the gaps or barriers impeding your execution success.

We address the following issues so that you can generate more rapid revenue growth:

  • Customer and Market Profiling, Segmentation and Targeting
  • Product Positioning and Messaging
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Marketing Planning and Execution

Corporate and Succession Planning

What is your long-term plan or goal for your business? Are you building a lifestyle business? Seeking an exit in the future? Or trying to build and augment your growth with mergers and acquisitions? What are your options?

When it comes to corporate planning, evaluating technology, market size, revenue potential, and your team isn’t enough. Thoroughly evaluating your company’s sales and marketing structure, potential and capabilities in comparison to your customer needs and buying patterns are also crucial.

At GAP, we use our POP™ process – Pipeline, Operations and Product—to deliver reproducible and quantifiable results with reduced risk and improved shareholder value.

GAP can be your partner through all your corporate events including the following areas:

  • Corporate Due Diligence
  • Financial Modeling
  • Post Merger Planning, Execution and Implementation
  • Multi-Channel and Partner Development
Corporate Planning