Our Strategic Approach to the Outsource Development Process

Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP) approaches outsourcing software development differently. With a background running software companies, and years of experience providing management consulting services, we’ve honed a business driven process that goes well beyond technology skills.

We create a strategic partnership that combines our application development technologies and skills with unique business management expertise. Our strategic software outsourcing approach includes an agile Scrum development process to ensure you get the highest quality application in an efficient delivery timeframe. And before the code is started, our design team is thinking about the user experience.

Deploying Agile Scrum Process to Drive Business Value

Developing software applications is challenging. Keeping teams on task and focused on the highest priorities is the goal of all software managers. Time-to-market pressures are always present, collaboration amongst team members is paramount, and encountering unexpected delays is always an issue. Using an agile Scrum process is how successful companies manage the challenges of software development.

Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP) has been using an Agile Scrum approach since we started our business. In this Scrum approach, a business owner is paired and involved throughout the process with developers. Key business drivers never stray far from the development timeline. The entire project is parsed into understandable deliverables—called sprints. These sprints are assigned and often the tougher ones are tackled early. Issues are identified early and the daily collaboration ensures these issues are addressed.

Talk to GAP about your next application development project. Using GAP’s strategic outsourcing process based on agile Scrum development can get you quickly and efficiently to market.

Deploying Agile Scrum Process
User Interface

Design That Just Works

Software is more than bits and bytes. Anyone can do that. The magic of successful software development lies in presenting the underlying technology in ways that solve business problems, helping end users get done what they want.

At GAP, we think about the end result first. What’s the customer experience? What’s the expected outcome or activity? What’s the business objective or driver? While technology is ultimately used to craft the solution, it’s just a small part of our unique strategic partnership approach.

From the outset of every relationship, we dig in to understand your business objective. Then, throughout the application design and development process we make meaningful recommendations about end user experiences and expectations. We follow trends. We incorporate cognitive research. We apply years of experience developing applications to develop an experience that users embrace and enjoy.

See how GAP’s process can help you.